Dr Ashok Parshuram Sathe
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Dr Ashok P. Sathe did B.Tech in electrical engineering from IIT Bombay. Subsequently, he pursued pure physics and did Ph.D. from Columbia University, New York in 1973. He has taught for four years at BITS, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, India. He then moved to the Institute of Science, Mumbai. There he also had to do a lot of administrative work. This led him to believe that the government with its many responsibilities would find it difficult to provide funds to make available good quality education to all the students in India who desired education. It is this realization that led him to think about things (he wanted very much to help the students) and which ultimately resulted in these articles. Dr Sathe has proposed an education system which is radically different from the conventional system. Instead of spending many hours attending lectures, the students will have access to educational material and they will be allowed to study it in any manner they choose, especially at their own pace. Also, they will have access to teaching assistants and teachers who will help them with their difficulties. Dr Sathe has also proposed an exam system which will be of a high standard, the questions asked will require the students to think and will test whether they have really understood the material. But the students will be able to take the exam at a time of their choice, presumably after they have been able to study the material properly. Further, to reduce the stress, they will be able to take the exam again and again till they are satisfied with the level of competence they have been able to demonstrate. It will come as a surprise (to the reader) that this very student-friendly education and examination system can really be much less expensive than the conventional system, thus high-quality education will be available to the students at a low cost as explained in the articles of Dr Sathe.
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