Classical Properties of Matter - The Bending of Beams

Graduation-level Study - Physics

This book is intended for being used as a textbook or reference book at the level of first-year graduation-level Physics or engineering. The objective is to provide a set of comprehensive materials that would help the student to grasp the concepts. The prerequisite for this book is pre-university Mathematics and Physics.

Table Of Contents

Introduction to Bending of Beams
Beam is a rod or a bar of a circular or rectangular cross-section, with its length very much greater than its thickness (so that there are no shearing stresses over any section of it).
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Bending Moment: (cantilever)
Suppose a beam AB of length ‘l’ is fixed at its one end and is loaded at the other with a load ‘W’ (expressed in force unit). The load must be within the proportionality limit.
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Depression in case of supported beam when it is loaded centrally
Here is a beam AB supported by two edges and loaded with a load of amount ‘W’ (in force unit) centrally at ‘O’. Depression produced here is the same as the depression produced when any of the half-portion AO or BO is considered.
Last updated on: Sep 2, 2021
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