Gravitational Force

1. It is a long-range force like electrostatic force and unlike nuclear force, but is the weakest force among them. 2. It is an attractive force. 3. It is only an action reaction pair, as other forces. 4. It acts along the radial line between two spherical bodies. 5. The gravitational force exerted by a system of particles on another single-particle system is equal to the sum of the forces exerted by each particle on that particle (of another system having a single particle) and effects of other particles are neglected as long as the interaction between two particles (one from the \(1^{st}\) and another from the \(2^{nd}\) system) is concerned; i.e., for many-particle systems, the gravitational force obeys the composition rule. 6. Generally this force is not affected by the properties of the medium between the particles.

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