Using Batoi Hub as a Content Consumer

You can consume content on the Batoi Hub. You can read numerous articles from a variety of publications like books, magazines, etc. You can choose from categories like Science, Commerce, Literature, Technology, Religion and many more.

Reading is the greatest habit of all and will always help you discover knowledge, insights and life. You can find the best reads by clicking on 'Hub'.

Figure 1

You can select articles by category. Categories are important to segregate articles. In Batoi Hub, articles are divided into many categories.

Figure 2

A list of articles is already there on Batoi Hub’s homepage. You can search for articles from Batoi Hub’s search bar. You can find content simply by searching for particular terms or phrases without comprehending or traversing the website.

Figure 3

Books, Magazines and Courses can be continually upgraded and updated. You can ‘Subscribe’ to any Publication and stay updated with the latest activities and updates of your favourite Publications. Details of your favourite events may change.

Figure 4

You should show appreciation for an article that you enjoyed. This motivates the author(s) to produce more content. You can also access your favourite articles from your profile’s homepage. Press the Like button.

Figure 5

When you are looking at a particular article and want to be able to get back to it later quickly, you can create a bookmark for it. You can bookmark several articles and create your Reading List.

Figure 6

Suppose you find any inconvenience or issue with any publication. In that case, you can ‘Report’ to us with a short description of the issue and recommend any changes or actions you wish to be taken from our side.

Figure 7

Following an author enhances the discoverability of any publication published by you. You can follow an author and get notified whenever they publish any new Publication.

Figure 8

You may increase the number of likes and followers of your profile by sharing. You can share articles on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Figure 9

Preferred languages enhance interest and memory. With your preferred language, you can participate more effectively and responsibly. You can select the Language of your choice and read articles published in that language.

Figure 10

You can access all your Subscriptions, Bookmarks, Following Followers and Publications right from your Profile’s Homepage.

Figure 11

On the self-publishing and blogging platform Batoi Hub, you can post your content for readers and commenters to see. Both free and commercial material is possible. You can create your workflow during this time and edit, save it as a draft, and publish anything you want, including magazines, books, courses, and more. For your material, you can also work with multiple authors. Events and communities can be made. You can even remove your content if you so choose. Subscribers can bookmark your material to add it to their reading list.