Learning about Responsibilities

It was a beautiful morning at school; the atmosphere was full of joy because it was Friday...

It was a beautiful morning at school; the atmosphere was full of joy because it was Friday. The children would have Saturday and Sunday free to have fun and rest. We all know how much fun it is to share with family and friends on weekends.

“What are we doing this weekend?” asked Johnny, one of Guddu’s friends.

“I don’t know. I have a lot of homework to do. Maybe I’ll stay home and read a little in my free time,” said Guddu.

“Read? We already read a lot here at school! I think we should play video games!” said Johnny. “Yes, that’s an excellent idea. It can be at my house. Guddu, do you want to come?” asked Pete.

“Well, I have to ask Mamma first. If she allows me, I’ll gladly go,” said Guddu.

“Yes, you are right. We must obey our parents at all times. You are a good student, Guddu. Most likely, your mother will let you come to my house to have some fun.”

At last, the bell rang, and with great joy, all the students went home. Guddu wanted to go out that weekend, but his mother would be busy at home, and they would go to visit Grandma the next month, “Maybe Mamma will let me go play video games,” Guddu thought.

When he got home, Guddu went up to his room, and after changing his clothes, he lay down for a moment but promptly fell asleep. The boy was tired, but the good thing was that at least he had a nice dream.

Mother came home, and Guddu woke up immediately, surprised that he had fallen asleep. It was still daylight, so he could still get some more rest, as he had no homework due the next day, although he planned to ask his mother to let him go to Pete’s house to play video games.

“Hi, Guddu. How was school today?” asked Mother.

“Very well, Mamma. We were all happy because the weekend is here, and we can all rest and have some fun, of course, without forgetting to do our homework.”

“Oh, yes, Guddu. It’s crucial to be responsible with our activities.”

“Mamma, I wanted to ask you if I could do my homework on Sunday, so tomorrow we can go play video games at Pete’s house. Some of my classmates are going too.”

“Guddu, you deserve a day to have fun with your classmates because you’ve always tried hard in school. So yes! You have my permission to go play at Pete’s house, as long as you get your homework done by Sunday.”

“Thanks, Mamma. You’re the best!” said Guddu hugging her.

In the evening, after a delicious dinner, Guddu lay down to sleep thinking about all the fun video games Pete had at his house.

The next day, at Pete’s house, all the friends got together to play. Guddu was so happy. It had been a long time since he had been with them like this. With laughter, jokes, and treats, they began to play.

“I’ll beat you! I’m the best!” said Pete.

“No, I’m more experienced and smarter!” said Guddu.

“Oh, no! He’s going to transform! Attack him, Guddu! With that power, he’ll be invincible!” said Johnny.

“Oh, no! I’m finished!” said Guddu.

“Game over,” said the voice narrating the video game.

“I told you I would win!” said Pete proudly, while Guddu was still shocked that he had lost. “I want a rematch!” said Guddu.

That’s how the kids spent the day; playing, laughing, losing, and winning until evening came, and they all had to go home.

“If you can come tomorrow, that would be great too,” Pete told them.

That night, Guddu couldn’t stop thinking about the video games and how much fun he had. The next day Guddu asked his Mother again to let him go to Pete’s house.

“Son, you need to do your homework. If you finish it early, you can go,” his mother told him.

“I already finished my homework, Mother. I got up early and did it,” said Guddu.

“Oh, that’s wonderful! That’s fine then. Have fun, son, and don’t come too late.”

“Thanks, Mamma!”

Guddu went to Pete’s house again, where he had a lot of fun playing with his friends. This time he won many times and felt happier.

Evening came, and everyone went back to their homes. Guddu watched the sun go down as he entered his house and felt nervous. He had lied. He still hadn’t done his homework. As he entered the house, his mother noticed his worried face and asked him, “What’s wrong, Guddu? Did something bad happen?”

“I’m sorry, Mamma. I lied to you.”

“What do you mean, Guddu?”

“I haven’t done my homework. I just wanted to have some more fun; now I’m in trouble,” Guddu admitted.

“Oh, honey! Lying is wrong. That’s not the right thing to do. There’s always time to have fun, but you should also set aside time to fulfil your responsibilities,” Mother said.

“I know, Mamma. I made a mistake. I won’t do it again.”

“It’s okay, sweetie. Well, now you must do your homework in a hurry, so you don’t sleep too late,” Mother said.

“I know, Mamma. I’m going to do it right away!”

Mother helped Guddu with his homework, and he felt sorry, but thanks to his mother's help, he was able to finish early. From that day on, Guddu learned to be responsible with his things and not lie, least of all to his mother, who loved him very much.

Guddu learned that by working first on his responsibilities, such as his homework and house chores, he could still have fun once in a while without getting in trouble.

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