Guddu Learns to Ride a Bike

Who does not like to ride a bike? This is how Guddu learns it.

Guddu was playing quietly with his friends in the park. They all had their toys and were having a good time.

“This is so much fun!” exclaimed Guddu, using a huge aeroplane he had borrowed from one of the children.

“It’s more fun to ride a bike, though,” commented Danny, one of the kids standing around. All the kids turned to him, interested in what he was saying, “Don’t you think it’s true?”

“I don’t know how to ride a bike yet,” said a younger boy.

“Neither do I,” Guddu said.

“I don’t believe you! Everyone knows how to ride bikes!” exclaimed Danny.

“Not all of us have learned yet. You didn’t know how to do it either, did you?” asked Guddu.

“Yes, you’re right, Guddu,” Danny said, “Would you like to learn? I can teach you.”

Guddu’s heart began to pound. He was excited about the idea, but at the same time, he felt a little scared. Calling up his courage, he exclaimed, “All right! Yes! Where’s your bike?”

Danny ran to get his bike, very excited. Soon after, he came back. The boy rode his blue bike calmly while the others admired him.

“Guddu, this is simple. You just have to control the steering wheel,” Danny told him, getting off his bike, “Come! Hop on!”

Guddu got on the bike feeling nervous, but when he was about to try riding it, he was interrupted by the arrival of his mother, “Guddu! Son! You must wear a helmet! If you fall, you might get hurt!”

Guddu got off the bike and handed it back to Danny. “Your mother is right, Guddu,” the boy told him, “I forgot mine at home. My Mom won’t like it.”

“Well, little boy, Guddu and I will walk you home but don’t ride your bike. Take it to the side until you get your helmet,” Guddu’s Mom told Danny.

“It’s okay, Ma’am,” Danny agreed.

Guddu and Danny chatted about many amusing things along the way, and soon they arrived at Danny’s house, where his mother was waiting for him.

“Danny! You forgot your helmet!” his mother said.

“I know, Mom. I’m sorry. I won’t forget it again.”

After getting his helmet, Danny said goodbye to Guddu and rode his bike near his house. Guddu returned home and asked his mother’s permission for Danny to teach him how to ride a bicycle the next day.

“It’s okay, Guddu, but don’t forget to wear a helmet. You must be protected.”

Guddu took his mother’s advice, and the next day, in the park, Danny handed Guddu his helmet and tried to ride the bike. At first, it was difficult. Guddu had a hard time keeping his balance, so he only moved forward a little at a time.

“Come on, Guddu! I know you can do it!” exclaimed some of the children.

Guddu adjusted the helmet tightly, and with determination, tried to move forward a little more. All the children applauded while Guddu managed to keep his balance for a few moments and went a little further but suddenly, the bike fell to one side, causing him to fall to the ground.

“Guddu! Are you okay?” asked Danny, rushing to help him.

“I’m fine, Danny! The helmet has protected me!” exclaimed Guddu, happy and a little scared. “Our Moms were right!” exclaimed Danny, laughing.

Guddu kept trying little by little. He fell several times, but he was not hurt. After many attempts, he finally mastered the technique and handled the bike nimbly.

“I’ve done it! I’ve made it!” exclaimed Guddu with much excitement.

“Congratulations, my friend!” exclaimed a boy, clapping his hands.

“I knew you’d make it!” shouted Danny.

Guddu stopped to rest, and when he got off, everyone embraced him. Many admired him for being so brave. They knew that riding a bike was not easy at first but that you had to dare to do it.

That was the key to do it. Try even if you are scared, but always using the proper protection to avoid getting hurt if you fall.

Guddu learns bike

Upon returning home, Guddu told his mother what had happened.

“Mom! Mom! I’ve learned to ride a bike!”

“That’s wonderful, son! Did you get hurt?” his mother asked.

“No, Mom! I fell but thanks to obeying you, nothing bad happened to me. Thank you, Mom!”

“You’re welcome, honey! That’s the importance of obeying. Now you’re ready to get your own bike!”

Within a few months, Guddu had his own bike. Every day, he went for a ride with Danny, and they had a lot of fun. All the other children were inspired by Guddu’s determination and decided to ask their parents to teach them.

Many parents were surprised to see their children first ask them to put their helmets on correctly.

“I’ve learned it from Guddu,” some said, “I’ve learned how important it is to wear a helmet.”

Guddu helped many children learn about the importance of using protection while riding a bicycle, obeying our parents, and being persistent in what we set out.

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