Guddu Learns to Save Money

Guddu was tiptoeing with his mother down a beautifully lit street...

Guddu was tiptoeing with his mother down a beautifully lit street where there were many stores. He liked to go shopping with her because he could always see nice things in the windows.

His favorite things were toys. Every time he could see a new one and dreamed of having it, but he couldn’t always have it because Mamma had to buy other things they needed too.

“Mamma, can we buy that nice racing car?” asked Guddu as they arrived at a toy store.

“Yes, honey. This time we can buy it,” his mother said.

“Thank you, Mamma!” said Guddu jumping joyfully.

He and his mother entered the store. There were hundreds of toys that Guddu had never seen before, and his eyes shone like stars as he saw them. At that moment, Guddu knew he no longer wanted that racing car he had seen in the window outside.

“Mamma, I’ve changed my mind. There are so many beautiful toys! Now I don’t know which one to choose!” said Guddu.

“That always happens, son. Keep watching to see which one you like best, and then we’ll see if I can buy it,” said his mother.

“All right, Mamma!” said Guddu.

As Guddu wandered through the aisles, he marveled at the variety of toys, but there was one that caught his attention above all others: a colossal spaceship that had colorful lights and made funny sounds.

“Mamma, this is the toy I want!” he said.

“It’s an excellent option, Guddu, but it costs more than we can afford right now,” said his mother.

“I understand, Mamma. Well, let’s come back another day. I don’t want any other toy but that one. That spaceship is so beautiful, and I know I’m going to have so much fun playing with it,” Guddu said, a little sadly.

He and his mother returned home. Guddu couldn’t stop thinking about how cool that spaceship was. He knew all his friends would be happy to play with that toy.

That night Guddu traveled into space in his dreams, riding in a spaceship similar to the toy one, visiting the moon, and passing close to the sun at a safe distance so as not to get tanned. The distant stars grew closer and closer.

“Mamma, I’ll get my own money to help you pay for the spaceship!” Guddu said to his mother when he woke up.

“Son, are you so eager to have that beautiful toy?” asked his mother, smiling, “That’s a good idea. What do you have in mind to earn some money?”

“Mamma, you make the most delicious cookies in the world. I was thinking about you making cookies, and I could sell them there in the garden. There is not a person in the world that can resist those cookies!” said Guddu.

“What a wonderful idea, Guddu! I am so proud of you! Let’s start today so that we can buy that spaceship soon!” said his mother.

They went to the supermarket to get everything they needed to make the cookies: butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and most importantly, chocolate chips! Guddu was happy. He knew everything would be a success.

When they got home, Guddu helped his mother prepare the cookies. They laughed and had fun. The cookies looked delicious, and the house was filled with a pleasant aroma. At last, the cookies were ready, and Guddu prepared everything for sale.

He brought out to the garden a small table, perfect for the occasion, while his mother placed the cookies in beautiful glass containers where the cookies looked attractive and delicious. Soon the kids began to arrive.

“Guddu, those cookies look delicious! I want two!” said one of the kids.

“Here you are!” Guddu told him, feeling happy about his first sale.

By the end of the afternoon, all the cookies had been sold. Guddu was happy. The next day they made cookies again and sold them all. Guddu saved the money he had earned. He felt closer to buying the spaceship!

As the days went by, Guddu’s business grew. He was not only selling cookies but cupcakes and muffins that his mother made with much love, supporting her son at all times.

“Mamma, I already have enough money to buy the spaceship!” said Guddu one day, full of happiness.

That afternoon, he and his mother went to the toy store. Guddu felt that it was one of the most important days ever. He had saved money to buy the toy he wanted so badly.

Arriving home with his beautiful spaceship, Guduu wanted to scream out of pure joy. His mother was very proud of him and gave him lots of kisses and congratulations.

“You deserve it, Guddu!” his mother said.

“Thank you, Mamma. You supported me all the time.”

That afternoon Guddu invited his friends over to play, and they were all in awe of the beautiful spaceship. Guddu was proud to have been able to buy it himself, so he learned the importance of saving money.

Every night Guddu dreams that he travels through space, riding in his beautiful spaceship, exploring beautiful places in outer space.

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