Guddu Encounters Nature

One day, Guddu was at home, a bit bored. He didn’t want to play with his toys or watch TV. “I am so bored!” said Guddu...

One day, Guddu was at home, a bit bored. He didn’t want to play with his toys or watch TV.

“I am so bored!” said Guddu, “What am I supposed to do to have fun?”

Near him was a book about insects who lived in a magical garden. Guddu took the book and began to look at the pictures. He was immediately interested in those beautiful pictures of colourful insects that he had never seen before, except for butterflies, ladybugs, and ants.

“Wow! How wonderful this is! I wish someday I could meet some of them!” said Guddu.

In a few minutes, Guddu began to feel sleepy, even though he was interested in the book. Immediately the boy began to dream, and to his delight, in the dream, he found himself in a vast garden where all the insects he had just seen in the book were flying peacefully above many colourful flowers.

Some butterflies approached him, and he stretched out his hands to them. The butterflies landed on his arms quietly, and Guddu admired the beauty of each one. Some were yellow, purple, and orange with black spots, “These are Monarch butterflies,” thought Guddu.

The butterflies flew and continued to land on the flowers as Guddu walked through the garden, feeling the delicious scent of the fresh earth and the gentle breeze brushing his cheeks. A few dragonflies approached him and then flew away, “Dragonflies are so interesting,” thought Guddu.

A buzzing sound was heard above Guddu, who immediately looked up, and right on one of the branches of a tree was a giant wasps’ nest with tons of wasps flying in and out. Guddu knew he shouldn’t mess with them, so he looked at the wasps for a moment longer and kept walking.

Ladybugs, praying mantises, beetles, and hundreds of other insects whose names Guddu couldn’t remember buzzed around, living freely, enjoying every part of the garden. Guddu also felt free and wished he was an insect. At that moment, Guddu was surprised by what happened.

Guddu was flying among those beautiful flowers, next to bees and ladybugs. The boy’s heart was pounding; he was spinning in the air, lost among the flowers, enjoying the delicious smell they released.

Just then, Guddu woke up from the dream, still happy and eager to keep flying, “Too bad it was just a dream, but it was wonderful!” said Guddu to himself.

Getting up, Guddu looked for his mother, and finding her, he said,

“Mamma! I want to go to the park to enjoy the gardens there!”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea. What if we go this weekend? That way, we can take a day to get away from the city and relax a little bit,” Mamma replied.

“Great!” exclaimed Guddu.

The day came, and they were finally on their way to the park. When they got there, Guddu ran into the gardens but was disappointed to see only a few insects. There were flowers and other plants, but there were very few. Some were on the verge of wilting.

“Mamma, this garden is dying!” said Guddu, sadly.

“It’s a shame, son. When I was little, this garden was huge and wonderful,” Mamma said.

“Is there anything we can do? If this garden dies, the insects will have nowhere to come and enjoy!” Guddu wanted to cry.

Guddu and Nature

Mamma approached one of the park guards and talked with him for a while as Guddu continued to look at that sad garden and remember what his dream garden looked like. If there were anything he could do, he would gladly do it. His mother finally approached him and said,

“Guddu, we have permission to help recover this garden!”

“That’s wonderful, Mamma! When do we start?” asked Guddu excitedly.

“Tomorrow! Today we can go to the nursery and get some plants and flowers to bring back here!” replied Mamma.

Then they both went to the nursery and bought all they needed to bring life back to that garden. They would pick everything up the next day to take them to the garden. Guddu was excited, so he woke up early the next day and went with his mother to the nursery.

They arrived at the garden with all the necessary tools for planting and immediately began. Guddu and his mother were happy about what they were doing. They knew it had been the best decision.

Guddu planted some seeds, and his mother put in beautiful plants. Everyone who passed by looked at them in wonder.

“What is this about?” asked a lady passing by.

“My son and I want to see this garden full of flowers and insects, so we’ve decided to help make that happen,” Mamma replied, smiling.

“That’s a wonderful idea! Can I help? I have some plants in my house, close to here,” the lady said and left.

A few minutes later, the lady returned with some plants, and soon they were all planted. When they were finished, Guddu felt proud of what they had done.

The days passed, and when they returned to the garden, all the new plants burst with life, looking joyful.

Guddu was happy to see more insects flying around, and then he knew they had done the right thing. Every month, Guddu and his mother planted new flowers and plants, and many more insects came to enjoy themselves, making Guddu happier.

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