A Gift for Mother

Guddu celebrates Mother's Day in his own style.

Guddu woke up happy because the weekend had finally arrived. He got out of bed and ran down to eat breakfast. Mamma was waiting for him in the dining room, and he was happy to find everything ready to start eating.

“Good morning, Mamma!” said Guddu to his mother and kissed her on the cheek.

“Good morning, sweetheart. I hope you slept very well!” her mother replied.

After eating, Mamma took the dishes to the sink and began to wash them. Guddu watched her curiously and felt lucky for having a mother who always took care of him and took care of their home, keeping all things clean and tidy.

Just then, Guddu had a fantastic idea, but for that, he would need his Grandma’s help. Luckily, she was visiting them that day and would spend the weekend with them. In the meantime, Guddu went upstairs to his room to devise his plan: a gift for Mamma.

Lying on his bed, Guddu remembered how every morning his mother made his bed while he was getting ready for school, but on weekends, which he spent at home, he could take care of that.

“I must help Mamma,” thought the boy and got up. He began to make his bed.

Mamma entered the room and was gladly surprised to see her son making his own bed; a feeling of joy grew in her heart.

“Guddu!” said Mamma, “This is new!”

“I know, Mamma. I’ve decided to help you with whatever I can. This is something I can do while I don’t have to go to school. You make everyone’s beds, so I want to take care of mine,” Guddu replied, folding the bed sheet awkwardly.

“How wonderful, son!” exclaimed Mamma and went over to hug him, “But at least let me show you how to do it!”

Guddu and Mamma laughed, and she showed him how to fold the sheets and arrange the pillows. It was a lovely moment. What surprised Mamma the most was that Guddu decided to do it on his own, “My little boy is growing up,” she thought as she watched Guddu finish.

That afternoon, Grandma finally arrived. Guddu was looking forward to it. He needed her help to surprise his mother. When she entered the house, Grandma hugged Guddu tightly and gave him lots of kisses.

“Grandma! I missed you so much!” Guddu said to her.

“Me too, little one. How have you been?” asked Grandma.


Guddu had to wait for the right moment to talk to his grandmother alone so he could tell her about his plan without his mother knowing. The moment came. Mamma had gone out to buy some bread, and Grandma looked at old pictures, sitting on the sofa. Guddu approached her and said, “Grandma, I need your help!”

“How can I help you, little one?” his grandmother asked.

“I’d like to make Mamma a nice breakfast in appreciation for all her hard work taking care of me and keeping our home neat, but since I’m still a kid, I don’t know how to cook.”

Oh, honey! That’s so beautiful!” said Grandma, with a big smile. “Of course I’ll help you! We’ll get up bright and early, and I’ll help you prepare something delicious!”

“Thank you, Grandma. You are the best!”

That night Guddu couldn’t stop thinking about what they would make in the morning. Then Guddu remembered his mother loved blueberry pancakes for breakfast, so that’s what Guddu and his grandmother would make.

At last, the boy fell asleep and had a nice dream. Guddu and Mamma were spending a beautiful morning in their house’s garden planting beautiful colourful flower plants. They both laughed, and Guddu felt proud of his mother.

There was a huge smile on the boy’s face when Grandma entered his room early in the morning. It was time to prepare the surprise. Guddu and his grandmother went quietly down to the kitchen; their plan was in motion.

After a while, Mamma woke up as usual, and after washing her face and teeth, she went down to the kitchen to make some coffee. She was still a little sleepy - she felt dreaming when she saw her mother and son sitting at the table, waiting for her with a big breakfast.

“Oh!” exclaimed Mamma, “What’s all this about?”

“It’s my way of thanking you for all you have done for us, Mamma,” Guddu replied, “Every day, you get up and give your best. I am so happy that you are my Mamma!”

“Oh, sweetheart! That was so beautiful! Thank you!” said Mamma and hugged Guddu.

“You’re welcome, Mamma. Grandma helped me. We made pancakes with blueberries, your favourite!”

“You deserve it,” Grandma told her.

The pancakes looked delicious, and there was orange juice to go with them, but the best side dish was family love. It was a beautiful day, and from then on, Guddu made it a habit to make his bed every morning. Mamma was grateful for this gesture, so Guddu proved to be a loving and grateful child.

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