Protein Processing, Trafficking and Secretion

July 19-24, 2020 - 09.00 AM ( Event has ended )

The processing and transport of proteins and lipids in the secretory pathway (and in non-traditional secretory pathways) are linked to a broad array of physiological processes and disease mechanisms, including diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease, dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis, inflammation, and immunological diseases. Within this diversity, there are common themes, including protein misfolding and the signaling pathways it evokes, autophagy, nutrient sensing, and intercellular communication. Among the topics included in this conference are: mechanisms of nutrient sensing linked to protein secretion, protein modification in the secretory pathway in relation to neurological disease, protein secretion in relation to obesity, proteases and Alzheimer's Disease, and prohormone convertases and hypercholesterolemia. There will be speakers who will focus on technological advances in visualization of the secretory pathway in living cells. This conference is organized to maximize the participation of trainees with daily poster sessions, slots reserved for poster presenters to speak in the general sessions, and rapid-fire "poster previews" from all poster presenters. By the end of the week, nearly all participants will have met one another and will take home valuable feedback from their discussions.

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Colby-Sawyer College
Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

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