Practice Questions

**1:** Write the formula of the following. Practice each set at different time and check your mistakes yourself. **Set-I:** calcium acetate, potassium manganate, magnesium hypochlorite, ferric sulphate, mercury(II) nitrate, ammonium bicarbonate, cuprous sulphide, aluminium bromide, zinc sulphite, nitrous acid, **Set-II:** sodium chromate, magnesium chloride, potassium phosphate, calcium phosphide, tin(II) sulphide, plumbous carbonate, ferrous nitrite, mercurous hydrogen carbonate, ammonium chlorate, hydrobromic acid **Set-III:** sodium phosphate, calcium sulphate, potassium dichromate, magnesium chlorite, stannic chloride, aluminium carbide, silver nitrite, cobalt(II) sulphide, ferric sulphite, calcium manganate **Set-IV:** magnesium bicarbonate, sodium cyanide, iron(II) sulphate, chromium(III) hydroxide, zinc thiosulphate, potassium ferrocyanide, ammonium dichromate, arsenous nitrate, cupric bicarbonate, hypochlorous acid **Set-V:** strontium nitrate, potassium sulphite, cupric ferrocyanide, aluminium phosphide, plumbous acetate, cuprous carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, chromic oxide, magnesium perchlorate, phosphoric acid(orthophosphoric acid) **Set-VI:** potassium hydrogen phosphite, sodium thiosulphate, ferrous phosphate, calcium ferricyanide, stannous oxide, lead(IV) oxide(lead dioxide), mercuric dichromate, calcium carbide, ammonium sulphate, chloric acid **Set-VII:** sodium meta-aluminate, calcium hydride, barium peroxide,

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