Answers to SAQs

**SAQ 1:** (a) CaCl~2~ (b) Al~4~C~3~ (c ) Mg~3~N~2~ (d) BaO (e) ZnS (f) KI **SAQ 2:** (a) FeO (b) FeCl~3~ (c) Cu~2~S (d) SnBr~2~ (e) PbO~2~ (f) Mn~2~0O~7~ (g) CrP (h) SnCl~4~ (i) FeS **SAQ 3:** (a) copper (I) oxide (cuprous oxide) (b) mercury (II) chloride (mercuric chloride) (c) manganese (IV) oxide (manganese dioxide) (d) mercury (I) chloride (mercurous chloride) **SAQ 4:** PCl~5~ (P=5); SF~6~ (S=6); IF~7~ (I=7); N~2~O~3~ (N=3); N~2~O~5~ (N=5); SO~2~ (S=4); Cl~2~O (Cl=1); Cl~2~O~3~ (Cl=3); Cl~2~O~5~ (Cl=5); I~2~O~7~ (I=7); CH~4~ (C=4); CCl~4~ (C=4) **SAQ 5:** HMnO~4~ (permanganic acid) H~2~CrO~4~ (chromic acid) HClO~3~ (chloric acid) HClO~4~ (perchloric acid) **SAQ 6:** Na~3~PO~4~ CaSO~4~ K~2~Cr~2~O~7~ Mg(ClO~3~)~2~ SnCl~4~ AgNO~2~ CoS Fe~2~(SO~3~)~3~ CaMnO~4~ **SAQ

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