Answers to Practice Questions

**1.** **Set-I:** Ca(CH~3~COO)~2~, K~2~MnO~4~, Mg(OCl)~2~, Fe~2~(SO~4~)~3~, Hg(NO~3~)~2~, NH~4~HCO~3~, Cu~2~S, AlBr~3~, ZnSO~3~, HNO~2~ **Set-II:** Na~2~CrO~4~, MgCl~2~, K~3~PO~4~, Ca~3~P~2~, SnS, PbCO~3~, Fe(NO~2~)~2~, HgHCO~3~, NH~4~ClO~3~, HBr **Set-III:** Na~3~PO~4~, CaSO~4~, K~2~Cr~2~O~7~, Mg(ClO~2~)~2~, SnCl~4~, Al~4~C~3~, AgNO~2~, CoS, Fe~2~(SO~3~)~3~, CaMnO~4~ **Set-IV:** Mg(HCO~3~)~2~, NaCN, FeSO~4~, Cr(OH)~3~, ZnS~2~O~3~, K~4~[Fe(CN)~6~], (NH~4~2Cr~2~O~7~, As(NO~3~)~3~, Cu(HCO~3~)~2~, HOCl(HClO) **Set-V:** Sr(NO~3~)~2~, K~2~SO~3~, Cu~2~[Fe(CN)~6~], AlP, Pb(CH~3~COO)~2~, Cu~2~CO~3~, NaHCO~3~, Cr~2~O~3~, Mg(ClO~4~)~2~, H~3~PO~4~ **Set-VI:** K~2~HPO~3~, Na~2~S~2~O~3~, Fe~3~(PO~4~)~2~, Ca~3~[Fe(CN)~6~]~2~, SnO, PbO~2~, HgCr~2~O~7~, CaC~2~, (NH~4~)~2~SO~4~, HClO~3~ (Note that Al forms C^4-^ type of carbide(methanide) while Ca forms C~2~^2-^ type of carbide(acetylide). The reason for this will be know to you in higher class) **Set-VII:** NaAlO~2~, CaH~2~, BaO~2~, Mn~3~(PO~4~)~2~, K~2~CrO~4~, Mg(MnO~4~)~2~, CrO, Fe(OH)~2~, K~2~ZnO~2~, HClO~4~ **Set-VIII:** K~2~H~2~Sb~2~O~7~, (NH~4~)~2~C~2~O~4~, Na~2~B~4~O~7~, K~3~[Co(NO~2~)~6~], CaSiO~3~, Cu~2~P~2~O~7~, Na~2~S~4~O~6~, Ca(CH~3~COO)~2~, Cu~2~S~2~O~8~, KH~2~PO~2~ **SET-IX:** Na~2~WO~4~, K~2~[Fe(CN)~5~(NO)], HMnO~4~, NH~4~NCS, Mn(BrO~2~)~2~, KCrO~2~, SbOCl, Hg(IO~4~)~2~, Fe(VO~3~)~2~, Na~2~PbO~3~ **SET-X:** AlH~3~, Bi(OI)~3~, Fe~3~[Fe(CN)~6~]~2~, Cr(NC)~3~, Ba(H~2~PO~4~)~2~, RbO~2~, (NH~4~)~2~MoO~4~, AsCl~5~, CoAsO~3~, Au(ClO~4~)~3~

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